Carpet is the foundation for all home furnishings. Carpet can define the mood of any room, accentuate the beauty of furniture and or accessories, and contribute greatly to the aesthetics of any decor. No other Los Angeles carpet stores or Orange County carpets has more brands, styles or colors to choose from. Carpet is not only our flagship product, it’s our heritage, not to mention...our name!

Carpets offer a multitude of decorating opportunities in color and texture that will influence the appearance and "character" of your home. No other household purchase better communicates the style and tone of your home.

Carpet Flooring


  • Berven
  • Catalina

  • Stanton

  • Royalty

  • Shaw

  • Mohawk

  • Tuftex

  • Unique

  • All major brands


We want to make your experience at Carpets 4 U as easy and satisfying as possible. In doing so, we offer several of different payment and financing solutions to make the dream of a new carpet flooring installation a reality. Contact us to learn more about this flexible solution.


We have hundreds of tile flooring samples in our showroom you won’t find a carpet store in Orange County that has a better selection available for you to view today…without an appointment! Purchasing carpet in southern California has never been easier!